Additional Advocate Info Forms

The “Additional Advocate Info” form is used to collect additional details about your advocates while they are taking action. To set up or adjust your “Additional Advocate Info” form, login into Engage database, go to Engage ->Forms:

From here, you can either create a new form, or edit an existing form

Creating an Additional Advocate form

To create a new form, select “Create New Form” on the left side of the page. Once you click on it, you will get a pop up asking the Form Name, Form description and Form Type. After adding the details in the form name and description, choose “Additional Advocate Form” as an option from Form type and click “Submit.”

After selecting Additional Advocate form, you will have the option to add Header, Subheader and Footer to your form. To add text, click in the space just under “Header,” “Subheader” or “Footer” that opens the area for editing and you can add in your custom text:

Apart from header and footer, you can also add various questions from standard fields as per your needs.

The standard fields include all the default fields found within Engage:

First name
Last name
Email address
Zip Code (etc.)

You can also add your own questions to the form by clicking on “My Questions” and then creating a new question or selecting a pre-existing custom question.

Once the form is saved and published, this will appear on the public facing site whenever the form is used.

Editing “Write a letter” Engagement to add the Additional Advocate Form

The Additional Advocate Info form can be added to multiple engagement types, but most add it to the Write a Letter Engagement. Go to Engage->Engagements. Edit a “Write a letter” engagement.

Now, go to Settings and you will see an option asking:

“What additional advocate information form should display with this Engagement?”

Choose Additional Advocate Info from the drop down. If you’ve created more than one form, the different form options will be available here. When done, save the Engagement.

Now, when you click on “Write a letter” Engagement on the site, you ll get this form with all your chosen questions.

This will not only show the Additional Advocate form but will also display all the other forms that you have created. So, you can select any of the form as per your preference.

When somebody takes action on this engagement from your public facing site, he will get the below page:

Once he will fill the form and clicks on “Submit” button, a new page will be displayed showing additional advocate form.

The message page will display all of the questions you’ve added to the additional advocate info form.

Author: Engage Team

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