Elected Official and Candidate Scorecards

Engage Scorecards allow clients to add a comparison of the bills and votes that they have published in Engage with the vote history and/or bill cosponsorships to Elected Official and Candidate bio pages. To add scorecards to your bio pages, start by visiting the Scorecard Management admin page found under the “Content” navigation menu.

scorecardClick the toggle to for “Official Bio Page” to “Yes” to add a scorecard based on the Vote positions you have set and published to elected official bio pages advocates find using Lookup Modules.  To add scorecards to elected official bio pages advocates find using Lookup Plugins edit the individual plugin settings.  scorecard   A vote scorecard and score on an elected official bio page are highlighted by the red boxes in the image below.  Advocates can click on the vote or bill titles to view the full vote or bill page:

scorecardClick the “Candidate Bio Page” toggle to “Yes” to  add a scorecard based on the Vote positions you have set and published to candidate bio pages (of candidates who currently hold state or federal office) advocates find using Lookup Modules or Election Maps. scorecard

The toggle for “Bill Sponsorships/Cosponsorships”  will be defaulted to “ON” to include a scorecard data based cosponsorship on the Bill positions you have published in Engage alongside the vote positions.  To include only vote history click the toggle to “OFF.” scorecard   Definitions:

  • “Our Position” is your set position on a vote or bill.
  • “Their Position” is the official or candidate’s position on a vote or bill.
  • “Agree/Disagree” is the Score for a specific vote or bill.
  • The total score for the scorecard is calculated by number of Agrees divided by the total number of votes/bills in the scorecard.
  • It is possible that an official was Not Present or Abstained during a roll call vote.  Therefore, Their Position will be N/A, and therefore the Agree/Disagree calculation will also be N/A (N/A Scores are not calculated in the scorecard).
  • If you set a position on a vote or bill and also set the vote or bill to Private, the vote or bill will not be displayed in the Scorecard on your public facing site but will be displayed in the admin.  The public facing Score will not include Private votes or bills, and therefore be different from the Score in the admin.

scorecard   Please Note:

  • Only votes and bills you have published with a Position will be visible and calculated in the public facing scorecard.
  • Votes that an elected official or candidate did not cast a vote for or against will not be included in the table or calculation, but advocates can still view the data on the bio pages by  clicking the “show n/a” link at the bottom of the card.
  • Scorecards will not automatically appear on on Candidate/Official bios in Lookup plugins, update the settings of individual plugins to include them.
  • Scorecard bills and votes are displayed in reverse chronological order.


Author: Engage Team

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