Engage Advocate Subscription Scenarios


  1. When a new advocate takes action or registers on Engage, the advocate will have status neverSubscribed = true if they do not select the emailOptIn field.  The advocate profile for a new advocate created under this condition will look like this:sub1
  2. At a later time, if the advocate selects the emailOptIn field when taking action, the advocate will become subscribed and the profile will be updated to:
  3. If an advocate has never subscribed via the site and the administrator updates the advocate profile  through an upload and sets it as  email opt = IN, the subscription history will remain neverSubscribed = true.  This is because the neverSusbcribed value is representing the behavior of the advocate him or herself.  You can, however, manually update the neverSubscribed field via file upload or the Connect API.
  4. If an advocate unsubscribes, globalEmailOptout = true, and neverSubscribed = false, meaning the advocate had subscribed at one time but decided to opt-out.
  5. When a new advocate is created in the administration area by the Engage administrator or via activist upload without the neverSubscribed column, the advocate has globalEmailOptout = false and neverSubscribed = true.

Author: Engage Team

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