Module Type: Registration

The registration module allows advocates to sign up for your mailing list by filling out the registration form.

To add the registration module to your public facing site, hover your mouse over the Sites tab and select Standard Pages. Click on the  “+ add module” button in the page section where you would like it to appear and select Registration.

add reg. module

If a module option is faded, that means that it is not available in that module section.

edit reg. mod

  • Module Name:  The name of the module. The module name will not appear on the public facing site, only in the Engage admin. This field is required.
  • Title: The name that will appear on your public facing site. This field is optional.
  • Intro Text: This text will appear between the title text and the stream documents.  This field is optional.
  • Choose Form: Select the registration form you would like associated with this module.
  • Button Text: Is the actionable button.

An example of a public facing registration module can be seen in the image below.

cake reg

Author: Engage Team

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