How to Add Facebook Plugins

To add a Facebook plugin to your Engage page visit Facebook’s “Page Plugin” editor.

Enter your organization’s Facebook Page URL in the corresponding space and adjust the high and width to your desired specifications.  If you plan to use the widget in the page footer we recommend the height and width pictured below.


Once the design meets your requirements click the “Get Code” button below the editor.  Copy the code in section “1” of the code window and paste it into the “Global Bottom-of-Page Markup” field on the Themes page of the Engage admin and click the “Publish These Settings” button. You will only need to add this code one time, regardless of how many plugins you add to your Engage site.


To add your plugin code to Engage copy the code from section “2” the code window and return to your Standard Page editor or your Sidebar editor.  Click “Add Module” where you would like the widget to appear and select “Custom Content” as your module type.  Name your module, add a title if using and click the “Source” option on the editor.  Paste the Facebook code into the editor, click submit and publish.




Author: Engage Team

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