Officials  and Candidates

Officials and Candidates

Engage clients can provide their advocates with a elected official and candidate lookup modules and lookup plugins to learn more about the people who represent them.  These pages can be customized by the client to add endorsements, commentary, notes, and scorecards. To begin customizing official and candidate page visit the Officials, Custom Recipients and Candidates Search page of the admin located under the “People”...

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Lookup Officials/Candidates Plugin

The Lookup Officials/Candidates plugin allows clients to generate javascript bootstrap code to embed legislator or candidate lookup tools directly into a website (examples: their main website or a partner’s website) allowing advocates to take action without leaving the page. Start by visiting the Portable Pages admin page and clicking the “Create Plugin” button.   Next, select the “Officials/Candidates Lookup” option from the...

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Election Page Setup Wizard

The Election Page Setup Wizard helps Engage clients create an election and GOTV focused page on their public facing Engage site. The Wizard is a step by step process that allows the administrator to add the following modules to their Election Page: Register to Vote Engagement in a  Single Engagement Module Election Map Module Candidate Lookup To start the Election Page Setup Wizard hover your mouse over the Sites tab and click on...

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