Register to Vote Engagements

A Register to Vote Engagement Type can be created to help advocates fill out the National Mail Voter Registration form. Using the Register to Vote Engagement, an advocates can submit their contact information which will pre-fill the National Voter Registration form PDF. Some states require additional information like Driver’s License ID or Social Security number as well as a confirmation of the register’s legal age to vote. For privacy reasons, Engage does not ask for this information, but the advocate must include this information, sign the form and mail it in.

To get started, visit the “Engagements” page under the Engage navigation item and click the “Create Engagement” button highlighted by the blue arrow in the image below.


Select the Campaign that this Engagement will be assigned to and then select “Register to Vote” from the “Engagement Type” drop-down menu and click the “Submit” button.



Follow the Engagement setup wizard as outlined in the Creating an Engagement video.

On the settings tab of the Engagement wizard the instructions for the National Mail Voter Registration Form will be added to the Engagement by default.


Unlike other Engagement types, the instructions will appear below the Engagement Text and above the Advocate Info Form as highlighted by the red box in the image below.



After the advocates submit their information it will be used to pre-fill the National Mail Voter Registration form.  They will be presented with this form on the confirmation page along with the option to save and print the form and to view state specific instructions.  The confirmation text will appear below the registration form as highlighted by the red box in the image below.



Please note: The “Voter Registration” advocate information form can be customized with additional fields but only prefix, first name, last name, suffix, address 1, address 2, city, state, zip, phone number (mobile phone will be used if phone number is not available) will be populated on the National Mail Voter Registration form.

Author: Engage Team

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