Twitter Unveils Lead Generation Card, Great Addition to Any Advocacy Effort

I think we can all agree, there’s no one silver bullet when building your advocacy / grassroots effort.

Our clients have folks at every rung on the ladder, from users who are just joining the effort to those that are completely engaged. The challenge for many is not only how do we keep moving folks up that ladder, but how do we get more folks to join the effort so that they can have a chance at becoming an engaged user.

Today’s announcement from Twitter and their release of new Lead Generation Cards can no doubt help groups of all sizes increase visibility and build that base.

Quick Primer on Twitter Cards
Have you ever clicked on a tweet and had it expand to show the intro of a news article or further detail on a product? That’s a Twitter Card. In Twitter’s words, these cards “make it possible for folks to add rich experiences to tweets.” From the New York Times to retailers like Best Buy, businesses use Twitter cards to further promote their content, loading in videos, photos and more to allow users to get a quick snapshot of what they’re promoting.

Newly Released Lead Generation Cards
The Lead Generation Card takes that experience one step further. Instead of simply being able to display more information to a user who clicks on a tweet, with this new card, Twitter has added the possibility of an interaction – the ability for users to express interest and sign-up immediately all within Twitter.

Much like Google only a few days ago, see my article on Actions within Gmail, folks can now interact with the information provided all within the same interface. With Google’s announcement, I spoke of how users could add a movie to their queue or RSVP for an event directly within a message in the Gmail inbox. This week we’re looking at a similar interaction within Twitter.

With the new Lead Generation Card, businesses can now add an additional button on expanded tweets that allows users to pass their information to marketers/brands immediately. (See below)

Imagine the possibilities. No longer will a user need to load a new site, enter in their information and then submit the form there – all taking away from their experience within Twitter – now it’s as easy as clicking a button and passing on bare essentials (name, twitter handle and email) to the marketer/brand immediately.


The Advocacy/Grassroots Angle
Once again we’re looking at a great way to get people in the door. When someone expands your tweet, whether they’re already a follower of yours or not, they’ll see a description of the effort and a call to action. It could be as simple as a sign-up button for your organization’s newsletter, or, even better, a way for that user to add their name to a petition.

What once was a possible new advocate loading the site, seeing a form and backing away is now a new user within your effort, all because of a one-click action within Twitter. Here’s a quick example of what it might look like:

Add in the fact that your site no longer has to be the sole destination for action but tweeps from all over can now see your message and act on it immediately and the possibilities for growing your effort are endless.

While the new Lead Generation Card doesn’t replace any single advocacy method, what it does provide is yet another tool in your advocacy/grassroots toolbox to get people interested in what you’re doing. As I like to say, it’s another arrow in your quiver to help you reach your goals while building trust and thought leadership in your effort.

PS. Unfortunately, as of 5/22, Twitter is only releasing this to their managed clients. Read more about the cards and their planned release here: Twitter: Capture User Interest with the Lead Generation Card

Author: Engage Team

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