CapWiz to Engage Migration

The migration from CapWiz to Engage involves moving your key data from CapWiz to Engage and preparing the Engage site and public facing presentation for launch. The are four basic steps to the migration process that a migration consultant, your Account Executive and migration readiness webinars will help guide you through. migration   Your Engage migration consultant will help you stay abreast of the key information and planning you’ll need as your migration preview data arrives.  The key things to think about and prepare for during this pre-migration time are what data you would like to bring from CapWiz to Engage, as well as what your Public Facing strategy will be with Engage.

Data Migration

The below are the data that will migrate from CapWiz to Engage by default.  You may choose to not migrate any of these data elements.

  • Alerts (called Engagements in Engage)
  • Bills
  • Votes
  • CapWiz Campaigns (called Lists in Engage)
  • Elected Officials and Custom Targets (called Recipients in Engage)
  • Sent Email Communications
  • Users (called Advocates in Engage)
  • User Activity Data

Because of the enhanced search capabilities in Engage, advocate searches and reports will need  to be rebuild in the new system.

All custom data fields will be migrated as short text fields.

Please alert your migration consultant or Account Executive if you would like to bring any image files or email templates from CapWiz to Engage.

Note that “Information Only Alerts” from CapWiz will be migrated to Engage as blog posts.  CapWiz email communications created using the send Action Alert tool will only be migrated in their Alert form (as Engagements), not in their Communications form.

Engage Migration Preview & Launch Readiness

The Engage migration preview is the point at which all of the CapWiz data you chose to have migrated will be moved to Engage.  For those that have not previously received Engage login credentials, it is also the point at which you can get logged into Engage and start preparing the content and public facing elements as noted above.

Once your preview period has begun, you may log in and begin publishing migrated CapWiz Alerts as Engagements, publishing bills and votes, and assigning all of them to lists to organize them on your new Engage page.

The typical migration preview period is 1-4 weeks.  You’ll work with your migration consultant and Account Executive to define the set of tasks you’ll need to accomplish to be ready to fully switch over to Engage.

Migration Complete

The end of your migration preview period completes your migration.  Completing migration means that your public facing Capwiz site and features will no longer work and be re-directed to Engage.  It also means a final update of Advocate and Activity data from Capwiz to Engage.  Since the public facing Capwiz features will no longer work, no data will be able to be collected in Capwiz going forward.  You will still be able to log into the Capwiz admin site to retrieve any information that you may need. The key aspect of this to note, is that your take action experiences will all be based on Engage Engagements and Registration forms instead of CapWiz Alerts and Registration, meaning that all collection of data and Advocate information will happen through Engage only.

Author: Engage Team

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