CQRC Engage May 2015 Release Notification

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Updates to Engage Advocate Subscriptions:

What is the change?

Beginning early Friday May, 22nd advocates who submit registration or engagement forms will have the option to opt-into receiving email communications.

What action do I need to take?

No action is necessary, opt in fields will automatically be added to all forms.  After update is deployed, you will be able to edit or delete this new field using the standard form editing process to customize your forms.

Facebook Retiring the “Like Box” Widget:

What is the change?

Facebook is retiring the Facebook “like box” widget currently used on many Engage client sites on June 23rd, 2015 and replacing it with the new “Page Plugin” widget.

What action do I need to take?

Clients who would like to continue to have a Facebook widget on their site will need to follow the instructions on this page to create and implement the new code.

New Merge Fields Available for Engage Communications:

Legislator name and contact information merge fields are now available to help customize Engage communications to advocates.  For more information on using merge fields in Engage, click here.

“Thank You” email subject lines are now customizable:

The “Thank You” email subject lines sent to advocates after they complete a registration form or take action on an Engagement can now be customized from Engagement and Registration tabs of the default text page and on the settings page of the Engagement editor wizard.

Custom Questions can now be deleted:

Custom Questions and the data associated with them can now be deleted from the detail panels of the custom question page in Engage admin.

Advocate batch upload summaries now include the number of unchanged records:

In addition to the total rows, errors, new, and updated records the batch upload summaries now include the number of unchanged records. Click here for more info on uploading advocate records.

“Never Subscribed” status:

Now you can identify advocates who took action on your Engagements, but did not subscribe to receive emails. They will be marked as “Never Subscribed” in your database.

Author: Engage Team

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