Module Type: Custom Content

The Custom Content module is the most customizable module type for your Standard Page. Enter any text, link, code and/or media content in this module.

To add the custom content module to your public facing site, hover your mouse over the Sites tab and select Standard Pages. Click on the  “+ add module” button in the page section where you would like it to appear and select Custom Content.

custom cont. add mod

If a module option is faded, as the “Lookup Officials/Candidates” and “Registration” options are in the image above, it is not available in that module section.

custom cont edit mod

  • Module Name:  The name of the module. The module name will not appear on the public facing site, only in the Engage admin. This field is required.
  • Title: The name that will appear on your public facing site. This field is optional.
  • Body: The content area for the module. Enter text, links/hyperlinks, images, etc. here. Click on the “Source” button to drop in code (HTML, CSS, etc) for coded data that you would like to include in the body.
  • Media URL: Display media content (if any) here. Engage only supports YouTube and Vimeo videos and images in that area currently.

Author: Engage Team

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