List of Engagements Plugins

List of Engagement plugins allow clients to generate javascript bootstrap code to embed a list of Write a Letter and Make a Call, Petition, Share your Story, Act on a Regulation, and Register to Vote Engagement types directly into a website (examples: their main website or a partner’s website) allowing advocates to take action without leaving the page.

Start by visiting the Portable Pages admin page and clicking the “Create Plugin” button.



Next, select the “List of Engagements” option from the plugin type selector.

After you have selected “List of Engagements” you’ll be prompted to name your plugin (this name is for internal use only and will not be visible to the public) and select the list you would like to feature in the plugin.  Click “Submit” to continue.



On the “Edit Plugin” page you will be able to update the name, list and description and add a title, intro text, and number of  Engagements per page (just like you would for a List of Engagements Module).  You can also adjust the colors of the plugin background, border, font, and link/button color on this page.  When you are ready to create your code, click the “Save” button.




You will then be returned to the plugins landing page to copy your code snippet to plug into the page where you want it to appear. If you would like to make edits to an existing plugin open the detail panel and click the edit button. You will not need to update the code snippet after making changes.


An example of a public facing List of Engagements plugin can be seen in the image below.


Author: Engage Team

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